Starting from the very book title; Will you still love me, this story looks really intriguing. It makes us think for a while about what could the story be about. Could it be about broken relationships, broken trust, and people dying or for people who made a huge mistake? Let me not kill the vibe yet and enjoy the story as it unfolds slowly.  With every page you turn, this story will make you stay put at your seat and make you crave for more.

About the Author: Ravinder Singh

The book, Will you still love me is written by none other than the all-time favorite author of all youths of India, Ravinder Singh.

Author- Ravinder Singh

Ravinder Singh was born on February 4th 1982 at Burla, Sambalpur, Odisha, India. He belongs to Sikhism and has lived his childhood Burla Sambalpur city. The Author completed his schooling from Guru Nanak Public School and engineering from Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College. Also, he has done MBA from ISB (Indian School Of Business) situated in Hyderabad.

Ravinder Singh’s debut novel is his own real-life tragic love-story that he adapted into a book about the girl whom he loved but died before they got engaged formally.

His works include:

  1. Can love happen twice?
  2. I too had a love story.
  3. Like it happened yesterday.
  4. Love stories that touched my heart.
  5. Tell me a story.
  6. Your dreams are mine now.
  7. The belated Bachelor party.
  8.  Will you still love me?

Book Review: Thus begins the epic saga……

The story begins with Rajveer Saini, the main male character of the story. Rajveer is all set to get entertained his journey from Mumbai to Chandigarh with a window seat to enjoy all the scenic views he sees on the way. He loves traveling and is still a kid at heart who enjoys window sets and beautiful views. But all his expectations go in vain as Lavanya Gogoi, the main female character meets Rajveer and seeks permission to an unusual request that is to have the window seat for which Rajveer had been dreaming about since he boarded his flight.

During their journey in the flight, they both started liking each other but neither of them approached one another. Lavanya was really beautiful with almond-shaped eyes and pink and peach complexion. Her eyes were really beautiful and the kohl made her eyes the most prominent feature on her round face.

Will you still love me book screenshot
Will you still love me? book screenshot 1

Lavanya was on her way to her best friend’s wedding. After she reached the place, she realizes that her bag got exchanged with Rajveeer and she was frantic.  Rajveer came to exchange the bags.  Little did they know that their like is mutual and both of them adore each other. This was the beginning of their heart-warming relationship.

“But who knows if love is creator’s conspiracy?”

As their life goes on and on, there comes a time in their relationship where Rajveer has to stand against his own if he and Lavanya are to be together.

The story also involves them traveling to Shillong and describing about all the scenic beauty. Rajveer was awe-struck as he reached Shillong because he had never been to a hilly area before in his life and Shillong was working her magic on him

Their relationship is portrayed very beautifully with all the elements of fights, drama, love, anger, possessiveness, care, sorrow and happiness.

Everything was going in the right direction when life decides to change the course and make other plans for both of them. But, the situation is not in Rajveer’s favor and destiny has a different path for him.

In the story, it is shown from the very beginning that Lavanya takes road safety and road safety measures very seriously. She gets upsets when Rajveer drives recklessly or not in the correct way. Rajveeer is shown as someone who does not care about such things and takes life for granted. But his love is put to the ultimate test when through the course of the story he hits Lavanya with his car during a particular incident and it results in Lavanya not able to walk ever again!

Appraisal of Will You Still Love Me By Ravinder Singh.

Will You Still Love Me is a classic and an epic love story delivered with a very important but often ignored social message of road safety.

As crippling as the story takes it turn, this book will leave you craving for more.

Road safety is often ignored and taken for granted but even to this day, it is a serious problem all around the world. Ravinder Singh has very beautifully delivered his ideologies and thoughts as to what should be termed as legal and what should be termed as illegal when it comes to road safety. The safety on roads, the rules and regulation are made only to ensure the safety of the citizens. If 8 out of every 10 people would follow road safety rules and regulations then, the number of deaths could go down by 90%.

Due to the recklessness of Rajveer in the story, an innocent Lavanya had to suffer, not only this but he also killed the small girl he adored so much. But it was all an accident and every waking moment Rajveer hopes it was just a nightmare and he would wake up to find Chutki alive and Lavanya back to her old self.

Lavanya’s love for Rajveer was very strong and deep that she forgave him but also placed him on the right path to educate others of the mistake he made and how easily it could have been prevented only if he was careful enough and abide by the road safety rules.

During the course of the story we know about the two men conducted seminars and educated people about road safety rules and regulations were none other than, Rajveer and Madhav Singh, Father of Late Chutki.

In this story, Rajveer is living two different souls. He is the devil as well as the deliverer of his own life. He swears to do right by Lavanya. After the accident, Lavanya and Rajveer are not the same people anymore. Lavanya is healing with Rajveer by her side as her rock and Rajveer, having learned and grieving from his mistake, becomes the responsible citizen or person that everyone needs.

Will you still love me……?

“There are millions of Rajveers and Madhav Singhs out there. Do something to save as many of them from doing this to millions of Chutkis and Lavanyas. Will you?”

This is how Rajveer walked down his path of redemption.

The story ends with Rajveer trying hard to say…

“I…… I will. But will you….. will you still….. love me?” he asked with his folded hands.

To which Lavanya replied, “I will.”

Will You Still Love Me by Ravinder Singh is deeply disturbing as well as loving on the other hand. It is the story of love and the reality which you must read at once.

Will you still love me book screenshot
Will you still love me? book screenshot 2

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