Where the Forest Meets the Stars Book User Reviews

Where the Forest Meets the Star by Glendy Vanderah

Where the Forest Meets the Stars novel is all about a mysterious girl child that comes from the stars to witness five miracles on earth. The name of this mysterious child is Ursa which teaches the two strangers to love and trust each other. Joanna Teale is the one who finds this girl barefoot at her cabin and another stranger is Gabriel Nash which is also a Joanna neighbor. Joanna approaches Gabriel for help to solve the mystery of this fascinating girl. Ursa has some sort of power with her like she not only read the earth’s language but also understands the writing of Shakespeare. The more time they spend together with this girl, the more unresolved questions they get.

They both are eager to know the reality of whether she is a dream or a truth. After spending time with each other, they have created a strong bond with each other. But, a difficult choice has to be made. Ursa is getting closer to the fifth miracle as well as her dangerous past. In this blog, Where the Forest Meets the Stars Book User Reviews are provided so that you can decide this book as worth it or not. You want to know more, read this book to know whether it is a happy ending or not.

Book Reviews of Where the Forest Meets the Star

The Where the Forest Meets the Stars book is a fantastic piece of writing. It starts from a drama and then ends on murder mystery which sums up to be a must read book. This book is extraordinary as well as the incredible original story.

Barker from Arizona, US

The way of writing is so amazing that it is capable to grab you from the first page and last till you have finished reading the last page. It is a story which inspires us to love the people who needed it the most. The author i.e. Glendy Vanderah plotted the story in a lucid manner which creates an urge to end the book as soon as possible. I think, the author has some extraordinary power that’s why she is able to tell us the story of Ursa realistically.

Dumas from Santiago, South America

Where the Forest Meets the Stars Book is a wonderful story. I am so pleased to read it as this is the first novel of my life. One of my friends recommended me this book. Once I completed reading this book, I called her and thanked for giving me the suggestion to read this. This book was so lovely that I keep thinking of the life of Ursa on stars at night. At last, I recommend you to stop reading the reviews on different sites and purchase this book right now to disclose the secrets.  

Kinski from kaula lumpur, Malaysia

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