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Warrior of the Wild by Tricia Levenseller

Warrior of the Wild by Tracia Levenseller is all about a brave girl who goes to kill a god, a god of another world. Rasmira’s father is a worrier and trained her entire life to become a protector of the village. But, no one knows what is going to happen and she failed in the test. In the result, the father exiles her and sends her to a wild filled with monster creatures to kill the god. It seems to be an impossible quest for her but destiny has different plans for her. To regain the honor from her father as well as other villagers, she must kill the god of wild or die in the quest. There she finds two warriors who are also banished from another village to complete their impossible task as per their strength and fear. What is going to be next? Do they all win or something unexpected will happen with them? Want to know? Read the whole story ofWarrior of the Wild by Tracia Levenseller to know the legends of Rasmira.

Book Reviews of Warrior of the Wild:

I loved it! Tricia Levenseller does brilliant work on this book. The way of portraying an 18 years old girl to becoming a Warrior is just amazing. The imagination to create a wild; a fantasy world is the highlight of this tale. When you start to read this, it is going to be difficult to put it down. In terms of selecting a book to read, fantasy has been my first choice. When I get to know that the Warrior of the Wild by Tracia Levenselleris going to release soon, I pre-order this and received on the release day.

Christopher from Eureka California

If I have to explain this book in 1 line, I would say “an unforgettable journey full of romance, action, and salvation” This book is just a beautiful piece of art. The story was so interesting that you will start living the characters. The connection between Rasmira and Soren is literally heart-warming. The monsters of the wild were incredible.

Alan from Fresno Visalia, California

Yes! You heard it right. Killing a god is not a childish thing but 18 years old Rasmira has done this. When I started reading this tale, I found myself to be connected and living with it. The story of warrior of the wild is so genuine that the night I have completed this book is like a night in the wild. The monsters, creatures, and god will become real. I become a huge fan of Tricia Levenseller after reading it.

Andy from Chico Redding, California

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