The Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shanoon

The Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon is a genius portrayal of women as leaders. The romance is what we commonly come across. But what really sets this book apart from most others is the bisexuality of certain characters, the action, adventure, magic and politics involved together in it. The book is a breath-taking story of characters and events inspired by the real world.

The plot is basically an account of queendoms. Women
are taught to fight and to rule rather than being taught to wing the eyeliner.
The power and the affection that these women are imparted with is commendable.

The ruler of the Matriarchy of Berethnet, Queen Sabran the Ninth, being unwed yet, needs to
give birth to a daughter as the successor, lest enemies take over her throne.
Ead is a mage, in the court of Berethnet, who uses her magic to protect the

Interestingly, The Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon also has some dragon characters that are trained for combat. Being seen as evil and feared in the West, the dragons are worshipped in the East. The Nameless One is the most powerful of them all, having the capability to destroy the entire world.

It has been locked away and guarded by mages. But the threat of its return persists. The East and the West are not exactly on the same page and have no other option but to unite in order to destroy the Nameless One or it destroys them all.

Book Reviews:

This book is my new favorite. It has powerful queens, dragons all good things. I personally loved the way the events in the book are inspired by our real world. It is fiction yet somehow reminds you of reality and that is something very few books are able to do. The way the book is written with queens rather than kings and daughters as heirs rather than sons is also a very impressive façade of the book and would please you, as it pleased me if you’re a feminist too. If you’re a ‘Game of Thrones’ or ‘Lord of the Rings’ fan, then I’d insist you to read it

Spiro from Southeast Texas

‘The Priory of the Orange Tree’ is everything a modern age novel should have. I’d say it is one of its kind. It has maps and a glossary of characters incorporated in the book. Besides, the combination of romance, politics, action, adventure, magic, and religion is something you rarely get to read. Many books these days come in series and that’s something I don’t like about books. But for this one I’ll just say, I hope there’s a sequel because I’m eagerly waiting.

Clay from Atlanta

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