The Everlasting Rose by Dhonielle Clayton

“The Everlasting Rose by Dhonielle Clayton” in this sequel to The Belles Series, Dhonielle Clayton describes what jealousy can lead to. The evil Princess Sophia is ready to rise to the throne after declaring her sister, Princess Charlotte, who was to be the rightful queen to the Belles, dead.

Now the history of the Orleans says Queen Marjorie pledged that she and her descendants would treat the Belles with care and like delicate petals of an everlasting rose. So Camille must find Princess Charlotte as soon as she can so that she gets what is rightfully hers.

Thus Camille sets in search of the Princess with the help of her friends Edel, Amber, Arabella, and Remy. Together, they fight against Sophia and her guards who are in search of Camille and her friends. The romance between Camille and Remy is also portrayed.

Camille has to constantly fight against her enemies and be on the lookout. She needs to find the Princess if she wants the Belles to be safe and the bring back the beauty to the society. The Iron Ladies who resist all ways of enhancing beauty help Camille. How much more will she have to give up before her place is safe and happy again?

Book Reviews:

The Everlasting Rose is a story about politics and jealousy among royal siblings. It shows a brave Camille who will do anything to save her friend Princess Charlotte and an evil Sophia who will do anything in her power to keep Charlotte from returning. Camille puts up a good example to the readers. She is strong, she is courageous. This book is for everyone who loves drama and adventure.

Steve from Detroit

This book being the sequel to ‘The Belles’ is a story about something very unique. Beauty. How important beauty is and how it affects individuals is portrayed in the book. The Iron Ladies also have a lesson for you. They stand against anything enhancing your beauty. What a beautiful message! I think everybody who is insecure or who is tired of fighting for something in life should read this book.

Barbara from Nashville

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