Sherwood by Meagan Spooner Book Review

Have you ever heard the story of Robin Hood? If yes, Sherwood by Meagan Spooner will refresh those memories. In this story, the people of Locksley town are being distressed by a guy. That’s why they need a hero or a protector to save their life from the cruel man. Lady Marian of Locksley town stood up as a savior of the people and decided to step into Robin’s shoe. She is going to become a hope for thousands of lives. With a green cloak and the sword, she decided to do something and become a hero of Locksley town as well as her own.

This book is just phenomenal. When I was a child, I saw the cartoons of Robin Hood but never thought of a female robin hood. This book proves it very well. Characters of this tale are so deep and complex. The lead character i.e. Marian is a tomboy and acts as a male soldier i.e. practicing sword and archery rather than doing household duty. It is an interesting story to read and feel. Before proceeding to the review of the book, let us discuss some important characters.

Characters of Sherwood by Meagan Spooner

There are not many characters in this book because it a story of a woman who wants to help the city without any expectations of return like a Robin Hood story.

Lady Marian

She is the principal character of the story. The story of the book is based on Marian’s thinking and her context for others. She and her father live in a small village and they have a maid Elena to take care of her home. Marian is engaged with Robin of Locksley for years and he has been gone to fight in King’s war. There are rumors in the town that he has died in the war. They have spent their entire childhood growing and playing together. But, she will not be able to become a lady of Locksley town as Robin has died. She is full of sorrow because her husband, as well as her childhood friend, has no more.


He is the villain of the story. He has been seen in his role from the beginning of the story. Marian hates him and treats very badly till the end

Book Review of Sherwood by Meagan Spooner

Cover page of Sherwood is literally amazing. The girl (Marian) holding a bow and arrow while wearing the Robin Hood cloak. We have heard the unconditional love of Marian and Robin in many childhood stories if you have been a Robin Hood fan. The writing style of the Meagan Spooner is commendable. She knew the art of embroidering words with one another. The previous book “Haunted” was also a hit and readers loved its story. The images of the characters in this book are precise and clear.

The interesting thing with some of the chapters is that they remind some flashback of Robin to the readers. These flashbacks are so interesting that they can let you daydream. The author knows where and when she needs to excite the mood of the readers. This skill can be seen on various phases of a story like the romantic scene of Marian and Robin which is capable to melt your heart. However, the author has managed to capture the reader’s attention and make them engaged with the story and content.

Marian doesn’t follow the traditional ways of feminism as other women of the town do. She has own opinions and choices in a particular situation. Marian is careless but knows how to keep safety of other people. She is just placing herself in place of Robin. Though, he has been died but has a significant role in the whole story. There were many flashbacks of him with Marian in various chapters which allow the readers to think from a different point of view. Here, an important question asked for readers that Is she truly remember Robin or just pretending to support her actions?

Guy of Gisborne

He is the villain of the story. During the battle, he was caught and tortured and then sent back to home with some wounds on his face. At this moment, we (readers) except to be a powerful character but it comes out to be small. A little more explanation about this villain can be added to make it more cruel and evil. The author can write his journey of battle to emphasize him. He was somewhat attracted to Marian. Yet, he proves to be an intelligent villain.

The story of Marian looks like a tale of today’s world superheroes. She wears a mask and a cloak to conceal her identity or we can say to look like Robin Hood. It sounds a little weird if we think logically. More importantly, she tries to fit in her dual personalities and does it perfectly. At a moment in the story, she fights to preserve her identity so that she can keep her authority over other people. Some people start to figure her out that she is a robin’s ghost or some man trying to fit in Robin’s shoes.

Conclusion of Sherwood

The whole story is a balance between the Marian and people’s faith in Robin Hood. All the people of town need someone who can help them in difficult times as Marian does.

The relationship between Marian and her father is adorable. Why? You will get to know when you read Sherwood by Meagan Spooner. This is a kind of historical tale which you must read to remember the legends of Robin Hood.

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Jonson from Tucson, Arizona
Jonson from Tucson, Arizona
Lanne from Windsor, Madison
Jonson from Tucson, Arizona

When I saw the cover i.e. girl holding a bow (probably for archery) really excites me to read this book as soon as possible. This book changes my views about helping others and also I started to participate in sports. It is going to be one of my favorite reads of 2019

Jonson from Tucson, Arizona

Before starting my review, let me tell you that the name of the book is inspired by a forest in England i.e. Sherwood Forest. This forest is associated with the legends of Robin Hood. I was so specific to rate this book 5 stars but the ending portion of the book ruined it. A feminist Robin Hood fills me up with joy and pride but more actions and feelings can be added to emphasize the story. Near the end, it becomes a boring story to read because the story was somewhat predictable. Meanwhile, you can read this book if you haven’t watched or heard about Robin Hood.

Lanne from Windsor, Madison

When I started reading, I didn’t want this book to end. It was so awesome that it is difficult to put down. I am in love with this story and also the author. If you are reading my review and still confuse to read it or not, just read it. You have my words. You will never regret your decision.

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