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Once and Future by Cori McCarthy and Amy Rose

Have you ever heard about King Arthur? If yes, you are going to read it again but with a female King Arthur. Sounds a little weird but you are going to love it. Once and Future by Cori McCarthy and Amy Rose is a very realistic story to read. The main character of this story is Ari Helix which has done hiding like a fugitive refugee from Mercer Corporations. Ari has a crash landing on earth but she founds an unexpected thing resting in its ancient place i.e. Miraculous Sword. It revealed that Ari is the new resurrection of King Arthur. She found Merlin on earth which helps her to break the curse of Arthur that makes him come back again and again. The real pursuit of Ari is to conquer the cruel government and bring peace to people.

Book Reviews of Once & Future:

The legends of King Arthur portrayed on a girl. Amazing work, hats off to the author. I love the characters of this book. These together found a company of each other like a member of the family. This is the best part about characters. I have only heard about King Arthur but never ever read about him. But, this book tends me to learn more about the King.

By Jimbo from Orlando

The cover is too good. I love the layout of this book and also the printing. But, content has been the king for decades. The author tried well to express the story and they have nailed it. I become so obsessed with Arthur stories. This book is one of the most anticipated Novel based on LGBT YA released in March 2019. However, I loved this book and recommend everyone to read it.

By Elie from Raleigh.

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