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On the Come Up by Angie Thomas

Rapping is the rising trend of today’s world. People took a little time to accept this art of music. In many countries of the world, it is still developing. On the Come Up by Angie Thomas is based on this amazing music art form.

In this story, a 16 years old school student i.e.
Bri wants to become the greatest rapper people has ever heard. She is the
daughter of a hip-hop legend that died unfortunately. Now, she wants to be like
her father but in rapping art but it is going to be very difficult for her
because she is branded as a crook in her school. After the loss of her mother’s
job, they don’t have sufficient food to eat. She blends all her anger and
failure in the form of first song and released it. An unexpected thing happens
to her that this song receives a massive hit from the audience. But, soon she
is portrayed as a peril in front of the world by media. She fights for her
dream, a dream to become a legend like her father in the most difficult
circumstances. However, she makes herself what she wants to be.

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I will read anything that Angie Thomas puts out. This is as good as The Hate U Give. I learned, I cried, I got lost in the Garden world. Please write more books.

By Catlin from San Diago

Bri – a Hip Hop up and comer. She fights in the ring – making up lyrics on the spot to a beat. As Bri’s star is raising her private school community struggles to understand her music. Many poor assumptions are made about Bri as strangers try and define Bri. Bri struggles to stay true to herself as she deals with poverty, violence, and stereo-typing. Nobody should tell Bri who she is but Bri!

By Jacob from St. Louis, USA

This book kept me entertained. I felt the rollercoaster of emotions that Bri went through. I cried when she cried. Although there were a lot of times when I didn’t like her, she grew on me. I do wish the book would have gone a tad bit further after that last tweet. At least let me know who the tweet was from, lol. I would definitely recommend this to young readers.

By Tanisha from New York

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