Girl Wash Your Face Reviews

Girl Wash Your Face Book Reviews : An Intimidating Women Tale

The Girl, Wash your Face book by Rachel Hollis is not an ordinary book but a manual of removing the lies and misconceptions from our lives which are holding us back from living happily and without uncertainty. Each and every person living on earth has some kind of problems with them which they don’t share with the world but we make a perspective of their happy and smooth life, which is totally a lie. Similarly, Rachel Hollis has mentioned the 20 lies in her book along with the solutions.

Lie – You come first, and your happiness depends on you

Lie – Never ever give up on your dreams

Lie – Judgment is bad

Lie – Religious pluralism is true

Lie – Sin isn’t the problem

This book is all about yourself, your dreams, aspirations, hard work, and clearing the misconceptions. After reading the book, you will find the solution to do everything better than ever whether you want to clean your home or change the world.

Girl Wash Your Face Reviews from Real Readers

Not so good and not so bad. Rachel Hollis is a good writer and she took her own life experience to tell the readers about the lies. Some incidents are relatable but others are totally out of context. This book is totally meant for those women who have lived an affluent life. But, those women who have come across the phase of depression, poverty, loneliness, and illness, this book is not for you. Please move on to other authors like Cheryl Strayed and Jeanette Walls.

Allen from Cleveland, Ohio

At the time of the release of this book, the hype was created which motivated me to purchase this title and I do the same. In the entire book, just “my life, my incidents, my issues” were written. This title makes me a bit irritated because I don’t want to know other problems when mine has no solution. I leave this in the middle.

Tori from Bakersfield, California

Started chasing my dreams! Yes, you heard it right. Before buying this book, I am in dilemma whether to purchase this or not. But, I took the right decision to purchase it and completed the reading in 5 days during my summer vacations. Some hard decisions have to be taken by me which are capable of change my life. But, this book helps me a lot. It taught me something new from each chapter which helped me to go on the right track. This book is highly recommended for women like me who are going from a hard phase of their life. Be strong and live the life of your own choice.

Neil from Corpus Chiristi, Texas

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