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Four Dead Queens by Asterid Scholte

Four Dead Queens by Asterid Scholte is not a mere murder mystery rather is a tale of Quadara, a nation of four cities. You will enjoy the taste of rules, politics, romance, and thrill in the way of uncovering those dark secrets. The mystic land of Quadara is dissected in four cities namely Archia, Eonia, Toria, and Ludia ruled by their queens Iris, Corra, Marguerite, and Stessa respectively. The story of Four Dead Queens by Asterid Scholte involves the phase of solving the murder of all of these four queens.

Keralie Corrington and Varin are suspected to be the hands behind these murders. Keralie is one of the famous thieves of Quadara, whereas, Varin is just an honest citizen Enonia’s society. To come out from this conspiracy Keralie shakes hands with her former employer Mackiel. Along with solving the puzzle, time flourishes some kind of romantic bond between them. But, their first priority is to stay alive out of this trap and to let the nation know all about it.

Book Reviews:

Four Dead Queens was a compelling read with a cinematic experience. The murder mystery is shocking and then at the same time holds your attention to know more. In the initial chapters you get the scenario of the palace and how kingdom works. On the other hand, you get to know about voracious behavior of Keralie, but it’s tough to make the relativity between the two. 

Rumi from Cincinnati,Ohio

You can make a link like Keralie gonna attack kingdom for wealth but thoughts of the murder mystery is just off the track. And, then lately you find her solving this puzzle. This may be awe shocking. 

Slick from Sacramento, California

What I liked is, the politics of the kingdom, the fearless attitude of Keralie. Especially, Iris’s experience with life completely intrigued me. 

jesse from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The story is written in a way that it’s not centered around one person; POVs of different people are shared about the situation that offers new perspective about exploring the story. I enjoyed the book because the story plot is appealing.

Gore from Cyril, Oklahoma

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