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Finding Stevie: A Dark Secret, A Child in Crisis by Cathy Glass

Finding Stevie is a story of 14 years old Stevie who is in the search of his gender identity. The boy has been brought up his grandparents along with younger brother and sister. Due to the behavioral changes, grandparents place him in foster care to make him stable as a normal boy. He spends most of his time online talking with strangers in book review.

Cathy, the foster carer also alerts him about the dangers of talking with strangers. He is hiding something from everyone. However, Stevie breaks down and confess his secret. The secret is so shocking that everyone is not prepared for it. In this blog, Finding Stevie by Cathy Glass Book  Review are given to provide you a insight about it.

Book Review of Finding Stevie

Finding Stevie is a brilliant piece of writing. Cathy Glass is an amazing author and this book is just a masterpiece. This tale reveals the shocking but real side of social media. The author also covers the truth of gender fluid young people increasing in this digital world. It is a must read for people who have different thinking for gender.

Acton from Downtown, Boston

This tale resembles some phases of my life. This book is just a disclosure for those who don’t even try to understand Bisexuality. This world needs to understand everyone and their feelings. In some parts of this book, I got goosebumps. Your mind gives you a signal to keep reading this tale until the story is finished. 

Clancy from Indiana, Richmond

If I have to specify Finding Stieve in a line, I would say it a perfect blend of twists and turns. This book is like a mystery which you want to divulge as soon as possible. It is based on a very trending topic of today’s world i.e. bisexuality. Everyone is not open to speaking on this topic but Cathy Glass does it very well. Finding Stevie by Cathy Glass is an amazing.

Devo from Jacks, Colorado Springs

The story of Stevie is just heart-warming. From the story of 14 years old boy raised by grandparents to living in care is just amazing. No one can elaborate on the story of this boy better than the author. After reading the book, I stood up on my bed and clapped for Cathy for a minute. 

Joulie from La Vista, Omaha

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