Best Fashion Illustration and Design Books

3 Best Fashion Design and Illustration Books

Fashion Designing needs a creative mind and good taste of color as well as texture. This profession is worldwide accepted and today’s young is very much obsessed with it. There is a huge demand for Fashion Designers around the world that’s why they earn good amount of money. A number of skills are needed to become a fashion designer like tailoring, in-depth knowledge of fabrics, sketching, knowledge of colors, and many more. Sketching is a very important skill to learn as this comes first after visualizing a design in mind. If you want to learn more about sketching, click here. A number of best Fashion design and illustration book are available in the market from which we have shortlisted the top three. 

fashion design and illustration book

Fashion design and illustration is a method to showcase the fashion idea into reality by using painting and drawing. This is mainly used by designers to communicate their ideas on paper. These sketches play an important role in the whole process so that a design can properly visualize by designers before making any kind of decision for it.

If you want to make some illustrations to enhance your skills, some best books for fashion design and illustration are given below:

1. Sketch and Go: 5-Minute Fashion Illustration by Emily Brickel Edelson

sketch and go by emily brickel edelson
Sketch and go by Emily Brickel Edelson

Some Special Features;

  • It contains 500 templates of fashion sketching
  • This book is best for beginners to want to learn tips and tricks of fashion illustration.
  • Practical tips of live fashion sketching are also included.
  • The pages for sketching are designed in such a way that they can be photocopied easily without any mark of templates.
  • It consists of 224 pages.
User’s Rating – 5/5 Buy Now Buy Now (IN)

2. The Art of Fashion Illustration by Somer Flaherty Tejwani

the art of fashion illustration by somer flaherty tejwani
The Art of Fashion Illustration by Somer Flaherty Tejwani.

Some Special Features;

  • It contains more than 150 beautiful illustrations from Sarah Beetson, Lovisa Burfitt, Erin Petson, and many more.
  • Also, interviews of illustrators are also included.
  • In this book, tips and technique from 30 illustrators are provided.
  • Some fundaments of illustration are also explained.
  • It contains 176 pages.
User’s Rating – 4/5 Buy Now Buy Now (IN)

3. Steampunk & Cosplay Fashion Design & Illustration by Samantha Crossland

steampunk & Ccosplay fashion design & illustration by samantha crossland
Steampunk & Cosplay Fashion Design & Illustration by Samantha Crossland

Some Special Features;

  • Tips and tricks to learn and understand cosplay outfits.
  • A brief introduction of fashion basics and drawing techniques are available.
  • Also, a glossary of fashion term is provided.
  • A number of projects are provided using a step-by-step method.
  • Templates are given at the back of the book so that you can start with your own designs.
  • It contains 128 number of pages.
User’s Rating – 4/5 Buy Now

Reader’s choice – From the above listed books, Sketch and Go: 5-Minute Fashion Illustration book by Emily Brickel Edelson is perfect for beginners and aspirants designers. It has good page quality which will help to sketch more precisely. Also, layout and binding quality is decent which makes photocopy of a particular page easier.

If you are a cosplay fan, go for Steampunk & Cosplay Fashion Design & Illustration book by Samantha Crossland because it consists of both i.e. Fashion Illustration and Cosplay outfits.

Before working on Illustration books, you must enhance your Sketching skills. If you are unsure about the best books in the market, read our blog of Best Fashion Design Books to Enhance the Sketching Skills to gain knowledge of sketching.

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