Beautiful Bad by Annie Ward

Beautiful Bad by Annie Ward : An intimidating story that will send a chill down your spine

You might have read many novels, but there are fewer chances that you have read a novel like Beautiful Bad by Annie Ward. From the starting of the novel, it takes you to the most esoteric secrets which are being faced in marriages. This novel consists of suspense and unimaginable twists, the dark sides of marriage along with thrill in every chapter. The author has written on topics like the rules in friendship, PSTD, challenges faces in engaging in the pure marital bond as well as motherhood. Beautiful Bad by Annie Ward is a novel with many thrilling suspense along with entertainment, aura of thrill along with emotions.

Summary of the Beautiful Bad by Annie Ward :

The story of Beautiful Bad by Annie Ward starts with the introduction of two best friends Maddie and Joanna. They are best friends since their school days where they first met on a summer program in Spain. 

They both are quite adventurous in nature. After school, they get employment in Eastern Europe at the time of civil unrest. Both Maddie and Joanna were quite ambitious and always thought of ways of changing the world while residing in their tiny house in Europe. 

Then one day, Maddie’s world changes after he meets a British soldier, Ian. In the initial few days, Maddie did not enter into a relationship as Ian had a flirtatious nature and also she finds out that he has a girlfriend.

Now Maddie, went back to New York after the famous 9/11 tragedy took place. But who knew, what fate had already written. After a few years, Maddie contacts with Ian again, and that time, Ian was quite rich because he has made a lot of money in private security. 

Maddie and Ian get into a relationship and married and had a son, Charlie. One thing that concerned Maddie about Ian is, he was suffering from PTSD and also she feared the growing effects of paranoia and his habit of alcohol. Once the family went for a camping trip and had a fall down, people began to ask about Ian’s behavior. 

Now, this was the stage where the family could be destroyed by Ian’s habits, but since Maddie loved Ian and also she needs to protect Charlie, she could not do that.  This is when the novel actually begins after the violence and sequentially the author unfolds all the secrets.

I leave it upon the readers to find out the story of the rest of the novel. Thrill along with entertainment is in every chapter of this novel and this novel is a must read. Annie Ward has beautifully portrayed the story along with dark sides and hence it justifies the title BEAUTIFUL BAD.

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