If you are expecting a child, maybe you are going to be the world’s best mother or father…You are living in a priceless time or living with exceptional feelings. And, in the baby shower, you must preserve these feelings using a baby shower guest books.

You might be counting the days of pregnancy to welcome the baby, and it’s normal. Everyone does this because the expecting parents are waiting for more to see themselves in the baby.

The expecting parents try to collect as many memories as they can from becoming pregnant to the delivery day. And, you know…Memories can stay with us lifelong if we can preserve them properly. If not, they will be erased from our life, making a gap.

These parents try to live fullest each day of the period of 9 month and one such day before delivery is Baby Shower. It is a tradition in many countries of the world and a day of celebration for family and relatives.

The baby shower of expecting mother is celebrated 4-6 weeks before the delivery. The expecting parent collects memories of this day so that they can live this day again and again.

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To-be Parents

In this modern world, there are various means to store these memories, but sometimes traditional ways are better than todays.

One of the best ways to store all the feelings and memories of guests and parents is using Baby Shower Guest Books. In these books, guest and relatives can express their feelings by writing. They can write whatever they want to write, whether it is related to the baby or expecting parents.

In this occasion, guests are used to showering gift and essentials to parents for the baby. And, parents can store everything inside the book.

In this blog, I am going to give you a list a top 5 Baby shower guest books trending worldwide. We have shortlisted these five books by analyzing 20 books of the same category.

List of Baby Shower Guest Books

It’s a Boy

It's boy - book cover
Its a boy - insights
Its a boy – Insights

Theme – Elephant

Gender – For Baby Boy


  • Gift tracker log
  • Keepsakes pages
  • One page per guest to sign in
  • Guests can give advice to parents, sign their names, mention their well wishes for the baby
  • Each page is consists of 3 lines section i.e. Name and Relationship to parents, Advice for parents, wishes for the baby.
  • Includes pages for sign.
  • A gift log is available to track the gifts of guests.


  • No velvet touch on the cover page as described.
  • Total pages – 110 (90 guest sign-in sheets + 10 gift tracker + 10 keepsake pages)

If you want to purchase for a baby girl, you can go with another variant of this book, i.e. Welcome Baby Girl. Link is given below.

Baby Shower: Boho Chic Rustic Baby Shower Keepsake Guest Book

Baby Shower guest book
Book Cover
Baby shower book insights
Baby Shower Book Insights

Theme – Woodland bear

Gender – Boy and Girl


  • Matte softcover
  • Guest can write advice for the expecting mom
  • Space to write well wishes
  • One page per guest
  • Total Pages – 110


  • No gift log in the end as described.
  • The cover image is little blurry
  • Lack of vibrant colour on the cover page.

It’s a Freakin Little Human!

It’s a Freakin Little Human - Book 3
It’s a Freakin Little Human - Book Insights
It’s a Freakin Little Human – Book Insights

Theme – Humor or funny

Gender – For both (girl and boy)


  • Witty questions for guests, like Will you take this child if we can’t cope? And many more like this.
  • Separate space for answer of specific question.
  • One page per guest.


  • Some questions can offend some guests who have experienced pregnancy loss and infertility issues.
  • Blank pages are not available in the end for guests so that they can advise or write something. Or, can be used to write gift logs.
  • Cover page is a bit blurry but the quality of internal pages is good.

Welcome Baby Guest Book

Welcome baby - Book cover
Welcome baby – Book cover
Welcome Baby Book Insights

Theme – Jungle Safari

Gender – For Both


  • Each page has 3 lined sections: Name, wish for baby, and advice for parents.
  • Gift log included
  • 10 pages extra for pictures and keepsakes
  • Soft durable valve touch
  • 120 pages in total (90 guest sign in + 10 gift log tracker pages + 10 keepsake pages)

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Twinkle twinkle little star book cover
Twinkle twinkle little star book insights
Twinkle twinkle little star book insights

Theme – Twinkle Twinkle Little Start

Gender – For Both.


  • Each page for guest.
  • 100 guest entries can be done.
  • Includes gift log
  • Acid free pages
  • Light in weight

If you are having difficulties in selecting a baby shower guest book from the list, go with It’s a Boy or Welcome Baby Guest Book.

What to write in a Baby Shower Guest Book?

This is one of the most asked questions from the people who are going to attend the Baby Shower in the coming days.

Because, everyone wants to write something special, something that catches the attention and creates a memory that lasts long.

Let me help you a little in this topic in the below steps:

  • Read the question properly
  • Try to write in one or 2 lines.
  • Give a personal touch to the answer. Write something that connects you with the baby or to-be-parents.
  • You can write quotes.

At last, write from your heart in the first go……


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